[Haskell-cafe] iPhone/Android and Haskell [Was: Embedded funcional programming?]

James Britt james at neurogami.com
Sun Apr 18 00:20:17 EDT 2010

Darrin Chandler wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 08:21:06PM -0700, Jeffrey Scofield wrote:
>> As a side comment, I haven't noticed any reaction in the
>> Haskell/iPhone community about Apple's recent policy change.
> I've seen some reaction in other language communities, and I'm sure you
> can imagine what it's like. Understandable sentiments, but not very
> productive.
> I recently purchased an Android phone and spent a little time looking
> around to see if Haskellers were doing anything there, but no luck so
> far. Has anyone here done anything with Android?

I've done a simple app in Java, and some experiments with JRuby.

I've not done any thing Android with Haskell, but would love to give it 
a shot.  However, I don't know where to begin.



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