[Haskell-cafe] Re: Weird behaviour with positional parameters in HDBC-mysql

Martijn van Steenbergen martijn at van.steenbergen.nl
Sat Apr 17 04:24:32 EDT 2010

Thanks! That's great news. Yes, all seems fine now. :-)

It was a very interesting bug to isolate. At one point I was in the 
situation where compiling with -O2 fixed the problem and -O0 didn't, 
seemingly consistently.

By the way, I got two warnings while compiling:
* Warning: Fields of `Types.Statement' not initialised: Types.executeRaw
* Pattern match(es) are non-exhaustive in the definition of `bindOfSqlValue'

Thank you again,


On 4/17/10 6:37, Chris Waterson wrote:
> I think that this should be fixed with the latest version of the driver (0.6.2).  I was incorrectly squirreling away pointers that I'd acquired using "with" or "withCString".  This worked -- sometimes. :)

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