[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Monads Terminology Question

Conor McBride conor at strictlypositive.org
Mon Apr 12 08:51:01 EDT 2010

Hi Stephen

On 12 Apr 2010, at 13:00, Stephen Tetley wrote:

> Hi Conor
> William Harrison calls them 'non-proper morphisms' in his various
> papers modelling threads etc. using resumption monads.

I like Bill's work on resumptions, but I'm not entirely convinced
by this phrase, which strikes me (possibly incorrectly) as arising
from a local need for a term for 'the extra stuff', rather than a
deeper analysis of the structure of effectful computation. Why it
is a matter of propriety is beyond me.

I'm realistic about the nature of naming as a social process, so
I won't spend many tears on it. Truth to tell, I'm proposing to
use the *vocabulary* of the algebraic effects people, mostly
because I'd like to promote their *ideas* (which fit quite well
with Bill's, I think).

All the best


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