[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.9 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Fri Apr 9 20:54:09 EDT 2010

I'm pleased to announce a new hledger release, with many bugfixes and
small improvements, GHC 6.12 support, and a separate library package
to make building (h)ledger-compatible tools easier.

Thanks to Oliver Braun and Gwern Branwen for code contributions this

Just in time for tax filing! :) Patches, feedback, contributions  


home: http://hledger.org

Release notes:

2010/04/10 hledger 0.9

   * ghc 6.12 support
   * split off hledger-lib package, containing core types & utils
   * parsing: ignore D, C, N, tag, end tag directives; we should now  
accept any ledger 2.6 file
   * parsing: allow numbers in commodities if double-quoted, like ledger
   * parsing: allow transactions with empty descriptions
   * parsing: show a better error for illegal month/day numbers in dates
   * parsing: don't ignore trailing junk in a smart date, eg in web  
add form
   * parsing: don't ignore unparsed text following an amount
   * parsing: @ was being treated as a currency symbol
   * add: fix precision handling in default amounts (#19)
   * add: elide last amount in added transactions
   * convert: keep original description by default, allow  
backreferences in replace pattern
   * convert: basic csv file checking, warn instead of dying when it  
looks wrong
   * convert: allow blank/comment lines at end of rules file
   * print: always show zero amounts as 0, hiding any commodity/ 
decimal places/price, like ledger
   * register: fix bad layout with years < 1000
   * register: fix a Prelude.head error with reporting interval, -- 
empty, and --depth
   * register: fix a regression, register should not show posting  
   * register: with --empty, intervals should continue to ends of the  
specified period
   * stats: better output when last transaction is in the future
   * stats: show commodity symbols, account tree depth, reorder slightly
   * web: -fweb now builds with simpleserver; to get happstack, use - 
fwebhappstack instead
   * web: pre-fill the add form with today's date
   * web: help links, better search form wording
   * web: show a proper error for a bad date in add form (#17)
   * web: fix for unicode search form values
   * web: fix stack overflow caused by regexpr, and handle requests  
faster (#14)
   * web: look for more-generic browser executables
   * web: more robust browser starting (#6)
   * error message cleanups
   * more tests, refactoring, docs

   58 days, 2 contributors, 102 commits since last release.
   Now at 3983 lines of non-test code, 139 tests, 53% coverage.

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