[Haskell-cafe] Re: Hackage accounts and real names

Heinrich Apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Mon Apr 5 04:49:37 EDT 2010

David House wrote:
> An issue came up on #haskell recently with Hackage accounts requiring
> real names. The person in question (who didn't send this email as he's
> wishing to remain anonymous) applied for a Hackage account and was
> turned down, as he refused to offer his real name for the username.

It appears to me that it's generally a good idea to adopt a pseudonym
that looks like a real name anyway. The main benefit is that no one will
notice that it's a pseudonym, thus avoiding such complications.

Ivan Miljenovic wrote:
> I would wonder _why_ anyone would refuse to do so.  Are they that
> ashamed of their own software that they wouldn't want to be associated
> with it, or is there some legal reason that they don't want to be
> associated with it?

I'm sure they have their reasons, and who am I to judge them. Most
likely, it's about googleability.

Heinrich Apfelmus


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