[Haskell-cafe] Cabal packages -> cabbages

Conor McBride conor at strictlypositive.org
Mon Sep 21 05:04:11 EDT 2009

On 20 Sep 2009, at 23:11, Jason Dusek wrote:

>  Some day, we're going to need a short, catchy name for Cabal
>  packages. Let's call them cabbages.

Not that this is a good reason to change your mind, but some
sufficiently ancient Brits may remember a televisual
entertainment programme in which kids competed to win prizes
by answering questions (one prize per answer) until their arms
could no longer contain the prizes and they dropped one. The
prize for an incorrect answer was, of course, a cabbage (large,
hard to hold on to, symbolic of failed social mobility).

Probably the people who associate cabbages with error in this
way are few in number. Perhaps larger in number are those who
simply fear vegetables, or have unpleasant memories of being
made to eat sulphurous overboiled cabbage on pain of no pudding.

Cabbage is regarded by many as a punishment, compared to, say,
an enviably juicy sheep. It's a mark of inability to afford
the aforementioned sheep, or of a kind of holier-than-thou
middle class faux-puritanism with pretentions to virtue.



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