[Haskell-cafe] code-build-test cycle

Michael Mossey mpm at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Sep 17 22:42:32 EDT 2009

I'm working on a GUI application in qtHaskell, and I have a bit of a bind. 
Using ghci, it launches quickly but runs slowly. On the other hand, 
compiling (mainly linking) takes a while---several minutes. The truth is 
that I can compile it much faster if I selectively import the needed 
modules, so figure the actual compilation/link time is more like 15 to 30 
seconds. (This is Windows on a very old laptop.) I'm used to working in 
Python, so I'm used to a nearly instant code-build-test cycle, and GUI 
applications in PyQt run briskly, faster than ghci/qtHaskell.

Now I'm wondering if Hugs is a faster interpreter.

So during development I don't want to give up the quick cycle you get with 
an interpreter, but the application may be much too slow to use in any 
meaningful way without compilation. Any advice welcome. Maybe there is a 
way to speed up the interpretation.


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