[Haskell-cafe] Trouble installing leksah

Gregory Propf gregorypropf at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 03:01:33 EDT 2009

I now have the Haskell platform install problem solved but I'm now trying to get the leksah IDE installed and I'm getting this.

runhaskell Setup configure
Configuring leksah-0.6.1...
Setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
glib >=0.10, gtk >=0.10, gtksourceview2 >=0.10.0

I am aware that these are actually C development libraries, not Haskell modules.  The thing is that they are all installed, using the Ubuntu synaptic tool.  This is Ubuntu 9.04.  Is there something I need to tell cabal about where these libraries are?

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