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I just rejoined the list and am a bit new to things here anyway but this sounds a lot Lisp's old macro system a little. I'm guessing you're not proposing runtime execution of runtime generated code though.  I don't know much about Lisp internals but I suspect Lisp runtimes are quite different from any in Haskell.  Which leads to my real question - is there any talk of runtime compilation and execution capability in any of the extension proposals?  Or would that crap all over Haskell's reputation for reliable execution?

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Also (sorry for the triple-post!) I noticed that in the TH
documentation, it says:

    Type splices are not implemented, and neither are pattern splices

This means, while we could write a preprocessor that would give us, e.g.:

    x :: Set Int
    x = {1,2,3,4}

We cannot splice in the right places to allow:

    x :: {Int}
    x = {1,2,3,4}

    isSetEmpty :: {a} → Bool
    isSetEmpty {} = True
    isSetEmpty _ = False
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