[Haskell-cafe] adding state in GUIs (qtHaskell)

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On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Jeremy O'Donoghue <
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> I don't have anything as neat to show you as Duncan's suggetion (I'd also
> be interested to see a cleaner way to do it - this sort of code always
> grates a little with me, although all of the major Haskell GUI bindings seem
> to need a similar programming style.
> However, at the most basic 'trying it out' level, I suspect that something
> very like this will work just as well for qtHaskell as it does for
> wxHaskell.
> Regards
> Jeremy

Very interesting code. However, I'd be very curious to see if qthaskell
handles .ui files. And how it does. With C++, thanks to the 'uic' command
line tool, we generate a class from the .ui file, and then just have to
store an instance of it in our window/dialog/widget/whatever. This class has
a setupUI member function, taking a QWidget*/QDialog*/QMainWindow*/whatever,
which initializes all the ui components and put them on our widget just like
we asked it to do in the designer.

Actually, I'm wondering how the trick could be done (and if it is already
done ?) in Haskell without letting too much things generated and compiled at
the C++ level with some FFI magic.

Alp Mestan
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