[Haskell-cafe] loading object code with ghci

Ryan Wisnesky ryan at peerium.com
Tue Sep 15 18:27:05 EDT 2009


I'm having some trouble correctly linking to externally generated  
object code when using ghci.  I'm loading a Cabal package Foo, that  
has already been successfully installed:

 >ghci -package Foo
unknown symbol `_iceExePath'
Loading package Foo-0.1 ... linking ... ghc-6.8.3: unable to load  
package `Foo-0.1'

I have a file Bar.o which contains the definition of _iceExePath:

 >nm ./Bar.o
         U _ProcessInformationCopyDictionary
000000a0 b _exepath
00000000 T _iceExePath
         U _kCFBundleExecutableKey

The documentation at http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/6.8.3/html/users_guide/ghci-invocation.html#id307468 
  says that:

"GHCi can also load plain object files (.o or .obj depending on your  
platform) from the command-line. Just add the name the object file to  
the command line."

So, I've tried both of these command lines:
 > ghci ./Bar.o -package Foo
 > ghci -package Foo ./Bar.o

but ghci still can't find _iceExePath, and the same error occurs.  I'm  
using GHC 6.8.3.  I'm not sure how to proceed and would appreciate any  

Thanks for your help,
Ryan Wisnesky
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