[Haskell-cafe] Unable to install Haskell Platform without readline

Lyle Kopnicky lists at qseep.net
Fri Sep 11 14:46:00 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I just installed GHC 6.10.4 on Ubuntu 9.04 32-bit, and then tried to install
the Haskell Platform from source. It built quite a bit of stuff, with many
warnings but no errors, and then finally died with the error below.

To install editline, I need cabal, which is of course why I installed the
Platform. I read an earlier thread from May that said that editline came
with GHC 6.10.2, so the Platform didn't work with 6.10.3, but was soon to be
updated. Now the web
site<http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/contents.html>for the
Platform says it comes with 6.10.4, so I assumed it should work with
6.10.4, but apparently it still has this problem of still missing editline.

Am I doing something wrong?

checking editline/readline.h usability... no
checking editline/readline.h presence... no
checking for editline/readline.h... no
checking editline/editline.h usability... no
checking editline/editline.h presence... no
checking for editline/editline.h... no
checking readline/readline.h usability... yes
checking readline/readline.h presence... yes
checking for readline/readline.h... yes
checking for sign of read_history result on error... negative
checking for rl_completion_matches... no
checking for completion_matches... no
configure: error: editline not found, so this package cannot be built
See `config.log' for more details.

Configuring the editline- package failed
make: *** [build.stamp] Error 2

- Lyle
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