[Haskell-cafe] retrieving arguments for functions from a heterogenous list (HList)

Andrew U. Frank frank at geoinfo.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Sep 10 13:01:29 EDT 2009

I have a number of functions which have some arguments and produce a single 
result. all the arguments are in a heterogenous list and the results should 
update the list. this appears somewhat similar to the keyword-argument 
solution for functions proposed by oleg kiselyov in 2004.

i would like to have a method to convert the functions
f :: A -> B -> C
g:: A -> D -> C -> B 		(for example)
f' :: argTypes ->  H -> H
g' :: argTypes ->  H -> H	  

where H is a heterogenous list containing A, B, C, D  (and others) and 
argTypes is another heterogenous list containing the types of the arguments, 
which are used to retrieve the data from the list (with .!!.) - the result has 
the correct type and is updated in the list with .@@.  .

naively this could be done by some functins fx (recursing over the list of 
arguments)  storing the last argument in the HList:
fx :: (HList l) => op -> HCons e l -> H -> H

fx op HNil uod = uod .@@. op
fx op (HCons a as) uod = fx (op arg) as uod
    where arg = uod .!!. a

this code does not compile, because HNil and HCons do not match (they are 
different data types, not a union type).

code that compiles looks like

class (HList l, HList k
        , HUpdateAtHNat n e k k, HType2HNat e k n
        , HLookupByHNat n k e
            ) => HCall e n f l k  | l k -> n where
    hcall ::  f -> l -> k -> k         -- not general

instance ( HNat n
    , HUpdateAtHNat n e UoD UoD, HType2HNat e UoD n
    , HLookupByHNat n UoD e
            ) => HCall e n e HNil UoD where

    hcall opv HNil k = hcall0 opv k

instance (HCall e n f l UoD
        , HLookupByHNat n UoD e, HType2HNat e n UoD
            ) => HCall e n (e -> f) (HCons a l) UoD where

    hcall op (HCons a l) k = hcall (op arg) l k
        where   	arg = hLookupByHNat n k
                	n = hType2HNat (toProxy arg) k :: n

hcall0 :: ( HUpdateAtHNat n f UoD UoD, HType2HNat f H n,
                HCall e n f HNil UoD) =>  f  -> H -> H         

hcall0 op k = hUpdateAtHNat n (const op undefined) k `asTypeOf` k
        where  n = hType2HNat (toProxy op) k

where i factored out the terminating call, which is probably wrong. 
i would like to use it as:

showPop4 :: (HList hNil,
    HCall Population n (District -> Population) (hConst District hNil) UoD) 
            => (hCons District hNil) -> UoD -> UoD

showPop4 arg uod = hcall showPop2 arg uod

unfortunately, calls to this function result in 'cannot deduce' compilation 
error; it seems that some of the intermediate types are not known.

i appreciate any help!

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