[Haskell-cafe] Fwd: [BostonHaskell] Next meeting: September 16th at MIT (32G-882)

Ravi Nanavati ravi at bluespec.com
Thu Sep 3 15:53:02 EDT 2009

I'm pleased to announce the September meeting of the Boston Area
Haskell Users' Group.

Based on the feedback from the meeting polls and the constraints of
our speaker, the September meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday,
September 16th from 7pm - 9pm. I've decided to move the meeting time
back half an hour since that seems closer to what we've ended up doing
in practice. Like the past three meetings, it will be held in the MIT
CSAIL Reading Room (32-G882, i.e. a room on the 8th floor of the Gates
Tower of the MIT's Stata Center at 32 Vassar St in Cambridge, MA).

Based on the topic poll, our featured speaker will be Edward Kmett,
who will be presenting the second part of his monoids and parsing
presentation: "A Parallel Parsing Trifecta: Iteratees, Parsec, and

Edward's slides from August are here:

I'd recommend looking at them if you weren't at the August meeting (or
want a refresher on the material) since the two parts of his
presentation were originally designed to go concurrently. There's also
a preview of the September presentation as part of this post on
Edward's blog: http://comonad.com/reader/2009/iteratees-parsec-and-monoid/

We don't have any other presenters for September, so there are still
openings for Lightning Talks or other relevant announcements /
advertisements. If you're interested in one of those openings or in
presenting something (large or small) at a future meeting, please let
me know as we're still very hungry for content overall.

The September attendance poll is at: http://doodle.com/gew97steggwhrnue

As always, responding to this poll will help with two things:
1. Getting an idea of what fraction of the Boston-area Haskell
community can and can't attend this meeting (to help with future
2. Giving me an estimated count of attendees, so my wife can scale her
baking of goodies appropriately. Sponsorship of or other assistance
with refreshments is still being eagerly solicited.

I'm also still having trouble embedding this poll in a page on our
Google Group, so if anyone has any ideas about that, please feel free
to try (any group member can edit pages) and/or offer other assistance
or suggestions.

If you have any questions about the meeting please send them to the
BostonHaskell mailing list: bostonhaskell at googlegroups.com or contact
me directly.

I look forward to seeing many Boston-area Haskellers at the September meeting!

Thank you,

 - Ravi Nanavati

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