[Haskell-cafe] Problems installing documentation and sources using Cabal on Mac OSX

Colin Adams colinpauladams at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 1 10:23:48 EDT 2009

I noticed today on the train (no internet connection!) that the
documentation for packages I had installed with cabal was missing, and
that there was no source in .cabal/packages for them.

Now I'm in the offiice, I tried --reinstall --enable-documentation.
There was a warning about haddock and ghc version mismatch (so much
for the haskell platform install), so I did a --reinstall of haddock.

Now the message I see is:

cabal: can't find source for module Paths_happstack_server

(happstack_server is the first package I'm trying to reinstall to get docs).

So I think the documentation failure is because haddock can't find the
source code (nor can I), but I don't know why there is no source
installed in .cabal/packages - what should I do to further track this
problem down?

Colin Adams

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