[Haskell-cafe] uu-parsinglib pKeyword

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 12:49:45 EDT 2009

Hi everybody,

I am using the uu-parsinglib to parse a structured language and map  
the results to some proper data structures. Thanks to Prof Doaitse  
Swierstra (and other authors if any), it is fun to write a parser  
using this library.

I've been sending private mails to Doaitse about my questions, who  
kindly gives nice replies everytime. But this time I thought I can ask  
my question to the community, and give everyone the chance to benefit  
from the answers.

[After the intro, here comes my real question]

I am trying to capture the following pattern.

pKeyword_Int = ( \ _ _ _ -> "int" ) <$> pSym 'i' <*> pSym 'n' <*> pSym  
pKeyword_Float = ( \ _ _ _ _ _ -> "float" ) <$> pSym 'f' <*> pSym 'l'  
<*> pSym 'o' <*> pSym 'a' <*> pSym 't'

As you can see there is an obvious pattern if you try to capture a  
"keyword". If there were a function called pKeyword taking a string as  
an argument and producing the necessary parser, things would be easier.

What I mean is,

pKeyword_Int = pKeyword "int"
pKeyword_Float = pKeyword "float"

I tried to create this pKeyword function myself but I couldn't manage  
to do it.

I can feel that, one can simply add a "<* pReturn []" to the ends of  
every parser and write a recursion with this base condition.

Any suggestions?

PS: Actually I'm a little bit uncomfortable since there may be such a  
function in the library already :)

Ozgur Akgun

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