[Haskell-cafe] Announcing: PastePipe -- a CLI for hpaste instances

Rogan Creswick creswick at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 15:52:39 EDT 2009

I'm happy to announce PastePipe (v1.3)!

PastePipe reads from stdin and publishes whatever it reads to the
hpaste instance of your choice (defaulting to hpaste.org).  This makes
it trivial to.....

   * post a file to hpaste.org:   `cat <file> | pastepipe'
   * turn a terminal into a pastebin window: 'pastepipe'  (ctrl-d to
close & send)
   * upload error output as a paste: 'faultyProgram | pastepipe -t
"faultyProgram error output" -l bash'
   * paste to a local hpaste instance: 'pastepipe --uri
   * add a title, select different languages, specify a user name,
etc... see pastepipe --help for details.

PastePipe will output the resulting url for your new paste to stdout,
so you can script it, or just copy / paste that as you need.


It is available on Hackage (so you can 'cabal install PastePipe'):

The project for pastepipe is hosted at Google Code, with the source in
   Homepage (issue tracker, etc):  http://code.google.com/p/pastepipe/

Mercurial repo:
    hg clone https://pastepipe.googlecode.com/hg/ pastepipe

Please let me know of any bugs / feature requests / etc. (or just post
them to the issue tracker.)


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