[Haskell-cafe] Re: What *is* a DSL?

Robert Atkey bob.atkey at ed.ac.uk
Thu Oct 22 09:46:45 EDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-10-11 at 21:54 +0200, Ben Franksen wrote:
> Ben Franksen wrote:
> > Next thing I'll try is to transform such a grammar into an actual
> > parser...
> Which I also managed to get working. However, this exposed yet another
> problem I am not sure how to solve.

Another option is to not use a recursive descent parser, and switch to a
parsing algorithm for any context-free such as CYK or Earley's
algorithm. A little test implementation of a well-typed version of the
CYK algorithm seems to work and seems to be as efficient as the normal
imperative one if enough memoisation is used. I'm trying to see if I can
get Earley's algorithm to work nicely in the well-typed setting.


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