[Haskell-cafe] Need help with ghc static compile for cgi using mysql

Austin King shout at ozten.com
Thu Oct 15 12:32:05 EDT 2009

For now, I've given up on cheap hosting (via statically compiled CGI).

I've created a GHC 6.10.4, cabal-install, Ubuntu 9.04 ec2 instance +
MySQL and it works well.

Running this plus EBS and Elastic IP will run a little over $60 a month. Ouch.

The work going into Haskell Platform is amazing, but...
Haskell needs a better commodity hosting story, to allow for casual,
fun web hacking.

For the record, I tried nearlyfreespeech.net and dreamhost. I wasn't
able to install ghc and cabal due to:
* FreeBSD GHC support (old version)
* FreeBSD library support (no HDBC)
* Linux - Missing 'dev' libraries like zlib and not having root access

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