[Haskell-cafe] example of PortMidi use

Michael Mossey mpm at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed Oct 14 13:44:03 EDT 2009

Can someone give me an example of Sound.PortMidi use? I'm having trouble. 
This program has bugs---makes sound only intermittently, and seems to have 
set up some kind of loop that is sending midi messages continuously even 
after terminating the program:

import Sound.PortMidi
import Foreign.C

msgs = [ (0::CULong,PMMsg 0x9c 0x40 0x40)
        , (500,      PMMsg 0x8c 0x40 0x40)
        , (1000,     PMMsg 0x9c 0x41 0x40)
        , (1500,     PMMsg 0x8c 0x41 0x40) ]

main = do
   let deviceId = 12
   initialize >>= print
   getDeviceInfo deviceId >>= print
   startTime <- time
   let evts = map (\(t,msg) -> PMEvent msg (t+startTime)) msgs
   result <- openOutput deviceId 10
   case result of
     Right err   -> putStrLn ("After open: " ++ show err)
     Left stream ->
         do result <- writeEvents stream evts
            putStrLn ("After write: " ++ show result)
            close stream
            return ()
   terminate >>= print

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