[Haskell-cafe] Reverse dependencies in Hackage

haskell at kudling.de haskell at kudling.de
Wed Oct 14 09:24:30 EDT 2009

Nice, thank you for the great work.

Browsing the reverse dependencies of popular packages like "bytestring"
can be improved a bit.

1) Can you please sort the reverse dependent package names? That makes it easier
to find packages with certain names.

2) I found the columns "Direct" and "Indirect" confusing until i found out that
they show the number of reverse dependencies for those packages themselves and
are not related to direct/indirect dependencies of the current package. I don't
think it is necessary to provide those data here and i would be in favor of
reducing the information overload by leaving those data to each package detail

3) Can you try to print the reverse packages horizontally instead of vertically
in tables? Browsing two long tables of direct/indirect reverse dpependencies
like for "bytestring" makes it tedious to get an overview.

Besides that, i am quite happy.

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