[Haskell-cafe] Snow Leopard, gtk2hs

Gregory Collins greg at gregorycollins.net
Tue Oct 6 16:09:06 EDT 2009

Arne Dehli Halvorsen <arne.d.h at gmail.com> writes:

> On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 8:49 PM, Gregory Collins <greg at gregorycollins.net> wrote:
>     Arne Dehli Halvorsen <arne.d.h at gmail.com> writes:
>     > This may be a little off-topic, but if someone could help me, I'd be grateful.
>     > I am trying to get to a working gtk2hs environment in MacOSX Snow Leopard
>     Have you patched:
>       /usr/bin/ghc
>       /usr/bin/ghci
>       /usr/bin/runhaskell
>       /usr/bin/runghc
>       /usr/bin/hsc2hs  -- discovered this one only recently
> hsc2hs was new to me, the others were ok.
> It didn't help, though. 

Sorry to be pedantic, just to confirm, the last line of hsc2hs should

    exec /Library/Frameworks/GHC.framework/Versions/610/usr/lib/ghc-6.10.4/hsc2hs $tflag $HSC2HS_EXTRA --cflag="-m32" --lflag="-m32" ${1+"$@"} "$Iflag"

If that doesn't work I'm stumped (haven't tried to build gtk2hs on OSX.)

Gregory Collins <greg at gregorycollins.net>

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