[Haskell-cafe] Snow Leopard, gtk2hs

Arne Dehli Halvorsen arne.d.h at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 14:41:15 EDT 2009

This may be a little off-topic, but if someone could help me, I'd be
grateful.I am trying to get to a working gtk2hs environment in MacOSX Snow

I have a Macbook Pro 2.1 with Snow Leopard.
While I had Leopard, I had the Haskell Platform installed, and it worked

I also had the MacPorts edition of gtk, and compiled gtk2hs by hand.

After I got Snow Leopard, I installed the Haskell Platform. I have made the
necessary changes to make it compile (flags to ghc), and it compiles normal

I installed the standalone version of the GTK+ platform, and then tried to
compile gtk2hs from /gtk2hs .

./configure works, but make results in this:

adhmac:gtk2hs arne$ make
make  all-am
rm -rf gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types.o gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types_split/; mkdir
-p gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types_split
/usr/bin/ghc +RTS -RTS -split-objs -c gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types.hs -o
gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types.o -O -XForeignFunctionInterface -fglasgow-exts
-igtk -package-conf package.conf.inplace -hide-all-packages -ignore-package
gtk -package base- -package mtl- -package containers-
-package array- -package glib-0.10.1 -package cairo-0.10.1
-package-name gtk-0.10.1 '-#include<gtk/hsgtk.h>'
-I/Library/Frameworks/Gtk.framework/Headers -I.

    invalid character '_' in mnemonic

    FATAL:Symbol L_gtk_misc_get_type$stub already defined.
make[1]: *** [gtk/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Types.o] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

I also have gtk installed via macports recently, but I am not sure whether
this makes a difference.

I don't think there is any point currently in trying to go MacPorts all the
way, and install ghc+gtk2hs via MacPorts.

Does anyone have a recipe for getting ghc + gtk2hs + gtk working on MacOSX
Snow Leopard?

Best regards,
Arne D Halvorsen
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