[Haskell-cafe] DSL and GUI Toolkits

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Oct 1 18:02:22 EDT 2009


I managed to abstract parts of the business logic of my application by  
employing a very naive DSL and it actually worked quite well. I'll  
probably replace that with a "Finally Tagless" version, just for the sake  
of it.

But now I'd really try to abstract the hard part, the GUI logic. I had  
been switching back and forth between wxHaskell and Gtk and eventually  
settled for wxHaskell. And my gui code is a huge mess, it works, for now,  
but it'd be hell if I even had to change the tiniest bit.

So I'm wondering if I could go the same way as with (parts) of the  
business logic, using a DSL here too.

Now I could do with some input on the merits of this approach.


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