[Haskell-cafe] Great Programs to Read?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Nov 30 16:01:11 EST 2009

> Hello,
> In terms of
>   "to become a great programmer, you need to read great programs"[1]
> what are "great" programs written in Haskell (for your personal
> definition of great), which source code is freely available on hackage
> or somewhere else on the net?
> I'm personally also interested in your definitions of great; for me, a
> great programs is defined by one of
> * good and well-written documentation
>   (literate Haskell helps a lot)
> * novel ideas to use functional programming
> * elegance
> * showing how functional programming can ease tasks that
>   are difficult to achieve in an imperative style
> Maybe we should create a Page on haskell.org (which I would do if I
> had write-access) mirroring the pages [2,3]?

It's been reported that xmonad is a good read. Notably, it uses a
nested zipper to statically avoid out-of-index errors in the core data
structures. Parts of the core have been modelled in Coq too, which is

-- Don

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