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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 141 - November 29, 2009
   Welcome to issue 141 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Firstly, sorry for the late HWN, a turkey coma is equal parts gift and
   curse. This week, we have some very exciting news, a new Haskell
   standard -- Haskell 2010 -- was announced, including several small
   changes. Also, we have lots of new packages, a possible Boston-area
   Hackathon coming up soon, and some great discussion. I won't hold you
   back from skipping all that and just reading the funny quotes!
   Haskellers, your (belated) Haskell Weekly News!


   Haskell 2010. Simon Marlow [2]announced the new revision of Haskell,
   Haskell 2010. Part of the new, less monolithic Haskell Prime process,
   Haskell 2010 includes several changes to the Haskell Language,
   including support for nonstandard if-then-else syntax (particularly wrt
   `do` notation and indentation), pattern guards, and several other
   changes. See the post for details.

   Clutterhs 0.1. Matt Arsenault [3]announced Clutterhs, version 0.1. A
   set of bindings for Clutter, a GObject based library for creating 2.5D
   interfaces using OpenGL.

   Interesting experiences of test automation in Haskell? Automation of
   Software Test 2010. John Hughes [4]announced a 'heads up' for the
   Automation af Software Test 2010 workshop

   NoSlow - Microbenchmarks for array libraries. Roman Leshchinskiy
   [5]announced his benchmark suite for various array and list libraries.

   CMCS 2010: First call for papers. Alexandra Silva [6]announced a first
   call for papers for the Tenth International Workshop on Coalgebraic
   Methods in Computer Science, taking place 26-28 March 2010, in Paphos,

   GPCE'10 First Call for Papers. Bruno Oliveira [7]announced a first call
   for papers for the Ninth International Conference on Generative
   Programming and Component Engineering. GPCE 2010 October 10-13, in
   Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

   Call for Participation: TLDI'10. Andrew Kennedy [8]announced a call for
   participation in the 2010 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Types in Language
   Design and Implementation

   Deadline Extension: JSC Special Issue on Automated Specification and
   Verification of Web Systems. demis [9]announced an extension to the
   paper deadline for the JSC Special Issue on Automated Specification and
   Verification of Web Systems.

   VSTTE 2010: Verified Software -- Second Call for Papers. Gudmund Grov
   [10]announced the second call for papers for the Third International
Conference on Verified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments

   GPipe-1.1.0 with greatly improved performance. Tobias Bexelius
   [11]announced a new version of the GPipe package, now with greatly
   improved performance.

   wumpus-core. Stephen T [12]announced a new version of the wumpus-core
   package, a library for drawing 2D vector pictures, supporting output to
   SVG and postscript.

   package-vt-, Haskell Package Versioning Tool. Krzysztof
   Skrzetnicki [13]announced the first release of his automatic version
   tracking tool, package-vt.

   Elerea 1.1. Patai Gergely [14]announced a new version of Elerea, a
   simple pull-based FRP library. Elerea (and FRP in general) allow for
   stream oriented programming, typically done in a applicative style.

   mecha-0.0.4. Tom Hawkins [15]announced a new version of Mecha, a little
   constructive solid modeling language intended for doing 3D CAD.

   atom-0.1.2. Tom Hawkins [16]announced a new release of Atom, a DSL for
   designing hard realtime embedded software with Haskell. This release
   adds guarded division operations, a new scheduling constraint, and a
   new rule scheduling algorithm.

   Managing Cabal Dependencies using Nix and Hack-nix. Marc Weber
   [17]announced a package for dealing with Cabal dependencies on the Nix
   OS platform.


   haskell in online contests. vishnu [18]asked about using Haskell in
   online contests, and particularly dealing with the SPOJ tool for
   judging programs.

   Namespaces for values, types, and classes. Sebastian Fischer
   [19]suggested allowing a namespace separation between class-names and
   other language elements.

   I miss OO. Michael Mossey [20]lamented his desire for Object-oriented
   features in Haskell, this led to a interesting discussion about name
   punning and typeclasses.

   Haskell Hackathon in Boston January 29th-31st? Ravi Nanavati
   [21]proposed a potential Hackathon in this editor's favorite city, to
   be held the 29th to the 31st.

Blog noise

   [22]Haskell news from the [23]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [24]Programming with impossible functions, or
       how to get along without monads..
     * Neil Brown: [25]Graph Layout with Software Transactional Memory and
       Barriers (plus video!).
     * Ivan Lazar Miljenovic: [26]If wishes were tests, code would be
     * Adam Jones: [27]Lambda Calculus compiler, Part II: Wading in with
     * FP Lunch: [28]Implementing a Correct Type-Checker for the Simply
       Typed Lambda Calculus.
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [29]Haskell 2010.
     * Holumbus: [30]hayoo.info.
     * Paul Chiusano: [31]Perfect strictness analysis (Part 2).
     * Paul Chiusano: [32]Perfect strictness analysis (Part 1).
     * Paul Chiusano: [33]Optional laziness doesn't quite cut it.
     * Neil Brown: [34]Force-Directed Graph Layout with Barriers and
       Shared Channels.
     * Neil Mitchell: [35]Reviewing View Patterns.
     * JP Moresmau: [36]EclipseFP 1.109.0 is out!.
     * CS Design Lab, University of Kansas: [37]Special LAMBDA meeting.
     * Joachim Breitner: [38]arbtt now in Debian.
     * Neil Mitchell: [39]Haskell DLL's on Windows.
     * Conal Elliott: [40]Thoughts on semantics for 3D graphics.

Quotes of the Week

     * command: lambdabot will say 'it is forever etched into my memory'
       and then forget the quote by tomorrow.
     * copumpkin: orbitz makes [##C++] especially brutal to make people
       appreciate #haskell more
     * mtnviewmark: [on the State monad] "If I had a sta-ate, I'd compute
       it in the morning.... I'd compute it in the evening.... All over
       this la-and!"
     * monochrom: dynamic type is poor man's dependent type, they are so
       poor they can't buy a theorem prover.
     * Veinor: just remember: you can't spell fundeps without fun.
     * Botje: i think it's too early to be sticking things into other
       things ..
     * Berengal: Haskell is made of sugar and spice and everything nice,
       plus the mysterious compound X
     * sproingie: sproingie enables IncoherentInstances and ends up with
       Sarah Palin in his living room

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