[Haskell-cafe] ghci breakpoints

Sean McLaughlin seanmcl at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 00:18:34 EST 2009


  I'm having trouble setting breakpoints from ghci.  I load the files
and I can tell things are working correctly because I can run the
program and list the locations where I want to set breakpoints.  E.g.

Prelude> :list Focus.focus
510  > focus :: forall s m. Class s m => Neg -> m [Foci]
511  > focus f =
512  >   let ats = Path.atoms f

But when I try to set a breakpoint I get

Prelude> :break Focus.focus
No breakpoints found at that location.

Does anyone have ideas about what I'm doing wrong in this case?  Do I
need to load with some special options to have breakpoints work?



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