[Haskell-cafe] Data.Binary and error handling

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Fri Nov 27 14:36:26 EST 2009

I'm in the same quandary:

Data.Binary from the binary package has no error handling
Data.Serialize from the cereal package uses only strict ByteString

I was going to add error handling to Binary as a weekend project (it isn't that hard), but when I contacted the developers of binary, I was pointed at cereal. But as my project can parse multi-megabyte objects off the wire, I really want lazy ByteString support.

I understand from the cereal creators that lazy ByteStrings are not in the future of cereal, since they got a big speed boost by going to strict ByteStrings only. 

I understand that Bryan O'Sullivan might have done work on adding errors to Binary... Bryan? If that's available, can we get it? If not, shall I do the work to add error handling?  It's a long weekend... I've got time!

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
mark at glyphic.com

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