[Haskell-cafe] Re: How does cabal determine version ranges in the dependencies?

Maurí­cio CA mauricio.antunes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 17:13:56 EST 2009

>> If it doesn't break dependencies, it won't be called http 4001,
>> it will be called 4000.0.9 :)
>> Check:
>> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Package_versioning_policy
> I see. Thanks for the link. I wasn't aware of the versioning policy.
> Just to clarify though, wouldn't the next higher major version by 4000.1
> rather than 4001?

Hmm... I think so. Conformance to these policies are rather
new, I believe. I have to say I didn't know about PVP a few
weeks ago, when an user of a package I maintain sugested me
to follow it.


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