[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Hackathon in Boston January 29th-31st?

Ravi Nanavati ravi_n at alum.mit.edu
Sat Nov 21 15:36:42 EST 2009

After all of the fun I had at Hac Phi, I've been thinking for a while
that it would be fun to organize a Boston hackathon (to have all of
the hackathon fun without the long drive). After some recent chats
with my MIT friends, it seems like the weekend just after IAP (January
29th-January 31st) might be a good one.

I've created a page to start organizing this hackathon (which I'm
calling HacBOS unless someone comes up with a catchier name) here:

If you'd be interested in attending a Boston hackathon, please add
yourself to the possible attendees list on that page. If the proposed
weekend does NOT work for you, but you're still interested in
attending a Boston hackathon please indicate what other weekends
during MIT's IAP (January 4th-January 29th) might work for you.

I'm looking forward to making HacBOS happen!


 - Ravi Nanavati

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