[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: bindings-SDL 1.0.2, the domain specific language for FFI description

Jake McArthur jake.mcarthur at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 09:43:31 EST 2009

Maurí­cio CA wrote:
> I believe I forgot to write a section with that information, as
> well as others one would like to know from start. I wrote a new
> section trying to fix that in 'how to use it' topic.
> http://bitbucket.org/mauricio/bindings-dsl/wiki/HowToUseIt

Very nice. I think that is clear enough.

> I'm not sure I have already got to a point where documentation is
> clear and complete enough but not too long and boring. If you also
> thing some parts of documentation were not helpful, or if more is
> missing, please let me know.

Quite the contrary, with that one exception, I found the documentation 
to be among some of the best I have used. I especially like the numerous 
examples you included.

- Jake

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