[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: bindings-SDL 1.0.2, the domain specific language for FFI description

Jake McArthur jake.mcarthur at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 15:21:24 EST 2009

Maurí­cio CA wrote:
>  > My only complaint is that the macros get confused if you use a
>  > Haskell type that has a single quote in it.
> Can you give me an example?

It turns out that I read the documentation incorrectly, but here is what 
I was trying to do.

I had two structs, one of which used the other as a field type. I was 
using the generated identifier of the first as the type for the second, 
so it had the form c'STRUCT_NAME. So the field macro looked like this:

   #field foo , c'STRUCT_NAME

It did not like this, complaining about the single quote.

I have since noticed the <STRUCT_NAME> notation in the documentation. 
Perhaps the actual bug is that this notation was not pointed out in prose?

- Jake

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