[Haskell-cafe] Haskell as an alternative to Java

Philippos Apolinarius phi500ac at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 18 06:54:38 EST 2009

I wonder whether the Haskell community tryed to reproduce the study Lisp as an alternative to Java,  by Ron Garret / Erann Gat. However, since that study was reproduced in almost every other language (with a fair amount of cheating going on, I believe :-), I am sure that there is a Haskell version (without cheating, I am sure :-). Here is a paper about the original study:


Here is Norvig's solution to the original problem:


Could someone send me a link to a Haskell solution, with comments? I have seen a solution in Clean, but since it was a homework in the college where I study, I am quite sure that my fellow students have just translated Norvig's solution to Clean. Therefore, it would be great if one could send me a link to a Clean solution too.

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