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Thank you very very much Daryoush ... I had not seen the book ... Looks pretty interesting, I saw it mentioning Midi though ...
Thank you Justin for the location of the BASIC module.

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Have you seen the Haskell School of Expression book by Paul Hudak?   

The book is available on line, Ch 9 and 10 talks about music.



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Thanks Don,
>I read the PDF. I was not able to figure out how to get the BASIC module. Wanted to see a reference implementation.
>The DSL I want to start with is a music generation DSL ... It should generate a wave file
>with music data as input -> for example the input could contain
>C3 D3 E3 ... -> should output a wave file with those notes ... some kind of mnemonics for tempo will also be there.
>>Later I'd like to incorporate parallel sequence generation -> where I could get chord effect etc ...
>I had done a rudimentary implementation in C a while back -> 
>I'd appreciate
> it very much if you could give me some pointers on getting started.
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>> Hi All,
>> I was reading a Ruby book and in that it was mentioned that its capability to
>> dynamically query and modify classes makes it suitable for implementing DSL's
>> ... I am referring to Ruby's reflection and methods like "method_missing" here.
>>> It can allow things like not having to define constants for all possible
>> unicode code points etc...For example, first use of U0123 could bring such a
>> constant definition into existence etc
>>> I see multiple search hits when I look for Haskell and DSL - can someone please
>> point me to a good primer or explain to me how equivalent of above mentioned
>> features in Ruby can be done in Haskell ... or the Haskell alternative for it.
>The Haskell equivalent would be overloading, primarily via type classes.
>See Lennart Augusston's BASIC for an example of this in the extreme:
>    http://augustss.blogspot.com/2009/02/more-basic-not-that-anybody-should-care.html
>That's BASIC syntax, in Haskell, relying on overloading numbers, strings
>etc. And all statically typed.
>For a survey of some of the more recent EDSLs in Haskell, see this brief
>    http://www.galois.com/%7Edons/papers/stewart-2009-edsls.pdf
>-- Don
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