[Haskell-cafe] help with musical data structures

Stephen Tetley stephen.tetley at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 04:05:07 EST 2009

Hello Mike

A pitch class set represents Z12 numbers so I'd define a Z12 number
type then store it in a list (if you have need a multiset -
duplicates) or Data.Set (if you need uniqueness).

Having a Z12 numeric type isn't the full story, some operations like
finding prime form have easier algorithms if they are transitory -
i.e. they go out of Z12 to the integers and back.

You might want to look at Richard Bird's Sudoko solver for the other
problem (slides and the code are a web search away) which takes a very
elegant look at a matrix problem.

Below is a Z12 modulo I made earlier - adding QuickCheck tests would
have been wise (also I seem to remember there is a pitch class package
on Hackage):

-- Show instance is hand written to escape constructor noise
-- It seemed useful to have mod12 as a shortcut - tastes may vary
-- The Modulo12 coercion type class is a bit extraneous (fromInteger
which suffice).
-- I use it to allay coercion warnings in other modules

module Z12
  -- * Integers mod 12
  -- * Integral coercion
  , Modulo12(..)

  , mod12

  ) where

-- Data types

newtype Z12 = Z12 Int
  deriving (Eq,Ord)


class Modulo12 a where
  fromZ12 :: Z12 -> a
  toZ12   :: a  -> Z12

instance Modulo12 Int where
  fromZ12 (Z12 i) = i
  toZ12 i = Z12 $ mod i 12

instance Modulo12 Integer where
  fromZ12 (Z12 i) = fromIntegral i
  toZ12 i = Z12 $ fromIntegral $ mod i 12


instance Show Z12 where
  showsPrec p (Z12 i) = showsPrec p i

-- Num Instances

liftUZ12 :: (Int -> Int) -> Z12 -> Z12
liftUZ12 op (Z12 a) = Z12 $ mod (op a) 12

liftBZ12 :: (Int -> Int -> Int) -> Z12 -> Z12 -> Z12
liftBZ12 op (Z12 a) (Z12 b) = Z12 $ mod (a `op` b) 12

instance Num Z12 where
  (+) = liftBZ12 (+)
  (-) = liftBZ12 (-)
  (*) = liftBZ12 (*)
  negate        = liftUZ12 negate
  fromInteger i = Z12 $ (fromInteger i) `mod` 12
  signum _      = error "Modular numbers are not signed"
  abs _         = error "Modular numbers are not signed"


mod12 :: Integral a => a -> a
mod12 = (`mod` 12)

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