[Haskell-cafe] haskell-src-exts Question

Daniel Schüssler anotheraddress at gmx.de
Sat Nov 14 09:14:28 EST 2009


On Friday 13 November 2009 21:08:42 Neil Mitchell wrote:
> In HLint I have a bracketing module, which has served me well. Please
> take any ideas you need from it -
> http://community.haskell.org/~ndm/darcs/hlint/src/HSE/Bracket.hs . In
> particular, given a fully bracketed expression, I can call
> transformBracket to transform the expression, not caring about
> brackets, in a way that guarantees the right brackets are put back.
> There is also needBracket and isAtom which are very useful. If you
> call descendBi (transformBracket Just) it will automatically bracket
> your term as much as is necessary.

Funny, I did the opposite approach the other day (not saying either is better 
:)); that is: parenthesize everything while building the AST (with a wrapper 
for App) and then:

deparenthesize :: (Data a) => a -> a
deparenthesize = everywhereBut isString (mkT goE `extT` goT)     


      isString x = typeOf x == typeOf (undefined :: String)


      goE (App (Paren (App e1 e2)) e3)  = 
          (App (App e1 e2) e3)
      goE (Paren (Paren e)) = Paren e

      goE (InfixApp e1 op'' (Paren (InfixApp e2 op' e3))) 
          | op'' == op'
          , knownAssociative op''

              = InfixApp e1 op'' (InfixApp e2 op' e3)
      goE (InfixApp (Paren (InfixApp e1 op'' e2)) op' e3) 
          | op'' == op'
          , knownAssociative op''

              = InfixApp (InfixApp e1 op'' e2) op' e3
      goE x = x
      goT (TyApp (TyParen (TyApp t1 t2)) t3)  = 
          (TyApp (TyApp t1 t2) t3)

      -- add rule for function types too
      goT (TyParen (TyParen t)) = TyParen t
      goT x = x

      knownAssociative x = x `elem` [QVarOp (UnQual (Symbol "."))]

Though the infix thing doesn't quite work; apparently they still get printed 
with parens even if there are no parens in the AST? Or the rule just didn't 
match for some reason...


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