[Haskell-cafe] Some thoughts about Hackage

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 14 06:32:33 EST 2009

Vasyl Pasternak wrote:
> Before coding some Haskell program I try to find most appropriate
> libraries, which help me to do task more efficiently. But the problem,
> that there are to many libraries with similar functionality (for
> example - networking, web servers etc.). And to find the best solution
> is not so obvious.

I agree. (Have you seen how many "binary" packages there are??)

Some people seem to think having dozens of libraries for the same task 
is an "advantage" because it lets the libraries compete against each 
other and the best one will win. However, I don't think this is the case 
if it's too difficult to tell the libraries apart.

> - allow comments on the package page, so anyone could tell its opinion
> or other useful info for this package.
> What do you think ?

I think this last idea is the best.

Adding a ranking is nice, but a comment lets people add highly relevant 
information like "this package is good, but doesn't work properly with 
Unicode" and so forth. Stuff somebody about to try using the package 
would *really* want to know.

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