[Haskell-cafe] faster compiling for ghc

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Fri Nov 13 02:07:54 EST 2009

On 13/11/09 01:52, Evan Laforge wrote:
>>> Running GHC in parallel with --make would be nice, but I find on
>>> Windows that the link time is the bottleneck for most projects.
>> Yes, when GHC calls GNU ld, it can be very costly.  In my experience, on a
> This is also my experience.  GNU ld is old and slow.  I believe its
> generality also hurts it, there is a much faster linker called gold,
> but it's ELF-only.

For someone like me, who only is interested in ELF on Linux, is there some way
of getting GHC to use gold instead of ld?

>> In conclusion, improving GNU ld could be a huge win for GHC, at least on
>> linux.  Does GHC on windows use GNU ld?
> Improving GNU ld would be a huge win in a lot of places, and the fact
> that no one has done it (excepting gold of course) goes to show it's a
> lot easier said than done!

It could also mean that ld is good enough.  Similar to how CVS was good enough
for an awfully long time... ;-)


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