[Haskell-cafe] flow2dot

Anakreon Mendis anakreon at csd.auth.gr
Thu Nov 12 08:26:26 EST 2009

I've installed the flow2dot utility. It fails to produce a dot
file from the sample provided by it's author. The output of the program

 .cabal/bin/flow2dot sample.flow 
flow2dot: Input:
order a b c d
a -> b: let's play "catch a ball"!
b -> c: i'll pass it along
c: what to do next?
c -> a: lets throw it back again
a: "not fair!"
a -> c: find someone else!
c -> d: ok, here you go: catch!
d: zZzZzZzZzzz....

"sample.flow" (line 1, column 1):
unexpected "o"
expecting "->", ":" or end of input

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