[Haskell-cafe] lambda-bot installation problem: gentoo trickery problem

Евгений Пермяков permeakra at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 02:33:07 EST 2009

When I try  cabal-install lambdabot (gentoo linux/amd64, ghc installed with
portage), it runs fine until compiler tries to link readline package (some
template haskell?). The problem caused by dirty trick, used in gentoo: the
/usr/lib64/libreadline is a fake with script, redirecting ld to /lib64 . GHC
is not redirected but simply fails with message  "can't load .so/.DLL for:
readline (/usr/lib64/libreadline.so: invalid ELF header)".

So, the question is: is there any workaround? Copying library look like an
option, but it is very, very dirty one. Is there a way to say ghc, which
libreadline.so it should  load?
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