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Hong Yang hyangfji at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 17:45:28 EST 2009

Thanks. I actually prototyped in Perl the SA method intuitively (though I do
not know its name). But it is way slow. So I want to improve the speed by
means of both algorithm and language.


On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Tillmann Vogt <Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
> wrote:

> Hong Yang schrieb:
>  The question is more about algorithm than Haskell. But I am going to code
>> in
>> Haskell which I am still learning.
>> Suppose I have a large table, with hundreds of columns and thousands of
>> rows. But not every cell has a value (of String, or Int, or Double type).
>> I want to shuffle the rows to maximize the number of columns whose first
>> 100
>> rows have at least one number, given a list of preferred column names
>> since
>> there is no guarantee that every number column will have at least one
>> number
>> in its first 100 rows after shuffling.
>> Can someone provide a good algorithm for this problem? (I do not have any
>> background in algorithms.) You can assume I already know which columns are
>> of Int or Double type.
> I would say it depends on the distribution of values in the table. If there
> are rows with a lot of values and rows with few values, then I would first
> sort the rows after the number of cells with values. If you look at all the
> columns and the number of values for each row is unique then it would be
> perfectly solved. With a list of preferred columns and also a uniform
> distribution the problem might be hard (NP-complete?), but these hard
> problems can often be approximated, i.e with simulated annealing, which in
> short is switching two rows repeatedly as long as the result improves.
>> This is not a homework.
>> Thanks,
>> Hong
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