[Haskell-cafe] Opinion about JHC

Philippos Apolinarius phi500ac at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 10 22:41:54 EST 2009

I discovered a Haskell compiler that generates very small and fast code. In fact, it beats Clean. It has the following properties:

1 --- One can cross-compile programs easily. For instance, here is how I generated code for Windows:

jhc --cross -mwin32 genetic.hs -o genetic

2 -- It seems to be quite complete.

3 -- However, it often compiles a file, but the program fails to run.

I have the following questions about it:

1 -- How active is the team who is writing the JHC compiler?

2 -- Is it complete Haskell? The author claims that it is; it compiled all programs that I wrote, but that does not mean much, because my programs are quite simple.

3 -- Why the Haskell community almost never talks about JHC?

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