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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 138 - November 07, 2009
   Welcome to issue 138 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Lots of discussion about [2]Clean this week. As well there was a new
   DSL, feldspar, announced. It deals with digital signal processing


   MonadRandom-0.1.4. Brent Yorgey [3]announced a new version of
   MonadRandom which adds applicative instances for Rand and RantT, so you
   can write your code in applicative style.

   Criterion 0.2, an improved Haskell benchmarking library. Bryan
   O'Sullivan [4]announced a new version of Criterion, all the details of
   this release are available on his [5]blog

   feldspar-language. Emil Axelsson [6]announced feldspar, a DSL for
   digital signal processing.

   feldspar-compiler. Emil Axelsson [7]announced the C code backend for
   the `feldspar` language.

   fdo-notify 0.1, a client for the Desktop Notifications protocol. Max
   Rabkin [8]announced a library for FreeDesktop.org's Desktop
   Notifications Protocol.

   language-python version 0.2 now available. Bernie Pope [9]announced a
   new version of the language-python package, which provides an AST and
   parser for Python 2.x-3.x (previously, only 3.x was supported).

   timeplot. Eugene Kirpichov [10]announced timeplot, which is useful
   visualizing log files.

   Singapore FP Users Group First Meeting. Max Cantor [11]announced the
   first meeting of the Singapore FP Users Group, it will be Monday,
   November 2nd at 6pm.

   Advgame 0.1.1. Tim Wawrzynczak [12]announced his port of Conrad
   Barski's 'Casting SPELs in Lisp' to Haskell.

   BlogLiterately-0.2. Robert Greayer [13]announced version 0.2 of
   BlogLiterately, a simple tool for uploading posts written in markdown
   and Literate Haskell to blogs.

   haskell-mode 2.6. Svein Ove Aas [14]announced a bugfix release of the
   Emac's Haskell mode.


   A Problem Defining a Monad instance. Petr Pudlak [15]asked about how to
   defined an instance of the Monad class for a monad whose argument is
   restricted by another typeclass.

   Point Free Case Expressions. Sebastiaan Visser [16]suggested that a new
   syntax be added for 'point-free' case expressions.

   Master's thesis topic sought. Matus Tejiscak [17]asked for suggestions
   for possible Master's Thesis topics.

   What's the deal with Clean? Deniz Dogan [18]asked about the recent
   discussion on the -cafe list about Clean, another Pure, Lazy, Strictly
   Typed language.

Blog noise

   [19]Haskell news from the [20]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Neil Brown: [21]Text.Printf and monad transformers.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [22]Criterion 0.2, an improved Haskell
       benchmarking library.
     * Galois, Inc: [23]Tech Talk: Hoare-Logic â fiddly details and small
     * Gtk2HS: [24]Writing concurrent programs..
     * Tom Schrijvers: [25]Postdoc/PhD Positions on the Monadic Constraint
       Programming project.
     * Darcs: [26]darcs weekly news #45.
     * Tom Schrijvers: [27]Haskell Type Constraints unleashed.
     * Luke Plant: [28]Building GHC is fun....
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [29]Status Update of the Glasgow Haskell
       Compiler, October 2009.
     * Chris Smith: [30]Monads from Two Perspectives.
     * Neil Brown: [31]Concurrent Testing and Tracing: Useful Output for
       Test Failures.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [32]Buffon's Needle, the Easy Way. Buffon's
       needle is a popular probability problem. Rule lines on the floor a
       distance d apart and toss a needle of length l

Quotes of the Week

     * blackdog: [About Hubris] I tell the Ruby guys that Haskell will
       help them speed up their Ruby code and keep their apps going, and I
       tell Haskell guys that it'll Trojan Horse those poor unsuspecting
     * lispy: Great, I leave the channel for a few hours and suddenly
       Haskell has a new found work ethic.
     * roconnor: ivanm: I will keep the fail in the code
     * lament: just remember to ask, 'What are your questions', as opposed
       to 'Do you have any questions'
     * mauke: @unpl const (flip const)
       lambdabot: (\ _ c d -> d)

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