[Haskell-cafe] What's the deal with Clean?

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+hs at mega-nerd.com
Thu Nov 5 17:45:45 EST 2009

Deniz Dogan wrote:

> 2009/11/5 Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+hs at mega-nerd.com>:
> > In addition, saying "90% of all desktop computers" is misleading;
> > instead we should be talking about the computers of software developers
> > and there, the figure is almost certainly well below 90%.
> >
> Why? After all, software is always (in one way or another) written for
> users, not other software developers.

We're talking about Haskell libraries. The *only* people who are 
interested in Haskell libraries are Haskell developers (ie not even
developers in general).

Counting desktop users who use nothing more than Word, Excel
and IE are not interested in Haskell libraries.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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