[Haskell-cafe] Code generated by pointfree does not compile

Boris Lykah lykahb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 06:46:57 EST 2009

Hi all! 

I was playing with pointfree tool from hackage and found that it produces
wrong code for some functions which use list comprehension. 

Here are several examples: 

:main f x = concat [x:f x| x<-[0..x-1]] 
f = fix ((join .) . flip flip [] . ((:) .) . ap (:) . (`ap` (enumFromTo 0 .
subtract 1)) . ((<-) .) . ((|) =<<)) 
This does not compile because (<-) and (|) are used as functions whereas
they are not. 

:main map (+1) [x| x<-[0..x]] 
[x | x <- [0..x] + 1] 
This does not compile either because the result code tries to add one to

Why does this happen? This looks like a bug. 

Boris Lykah
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