[Haskell-cafe] Re: What's the deal with Clean?

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 05:59:14 EST 2009

Hi Bulat,

I hope you don't mind me asking this, but when you state that
"idiomatic haskell is much slower than idiomatic C", what do you mean
by "much slower"?  2 times?  3 times?  20 times?  Order of magnitude?

I'm not going to disagree with you, however it seems to me the gap is
closing.  My opinion may be colored by having just examined Masayuki
Takagi's SPH code, which I considered very idiomatic Haskell and for
me performed equivalently to his C++ code with the changes I detailed
in an earlier email (none of which involved any substantial changes to
his code or style in my opinion).


> From: Bulat Ziganshin <bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com>
> i don't say that haskell is slow for real programs. i say that
> idiomatic haskell is much slower than idiomatic C and these papers
> demonstrates how much, for simple computation-intensive loops
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