[Haskell-cafe] Master's thesis topic sought

Matus Tejiscak ziman at centrum.sk
Wed Nov 4 19:52:04 EST 2009

Hello, -Cafe,

I'm looking for an interesting topic to hack on in my thesis.

The thesis should be rather "theoretical"/abstract (writing a mail
client in Haskell is not, for example), dealing with FP or related
fields. I've had a few (blurry) ideas, ranging from investigating
(possibilities for) Haskell extensions, to zygohistomorphic
prepromorphisms, but nothing concrete, possibly because I'm not familiar
with these areas enough to see what could be done -- which brings up a
question whether it is a good idea to even try hacking on a topic like

However, I'm eager to learn so if you have a topic you'd need somebody
to work on, or just an interesting (or maybe even an uninteresting)
idea, i'd be grateful for suggestions. :)


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