[Haskell-cafe] Interactive chatbot

Torsten Otto t-otto-news at gmx.de
Wed Nov 4 17:21:13 EST 2009


My students have the task to program an interactive chatbot. We have  
run into a problem that I can't solve either:

When we read the user's input through
 >   t <- getLine
it is not possible to delete typos before hitting enter and thereby  
sending the input off to the system (at least in OS X, bash). I didn't  
find that terribly problematic, but of course it is a bit of a show  
stopper from their point of view.

The input is then used to generate a reply in purely functional code,  
and the reply sent to the command line via putStr. Is there a more  
clever way to interact with the user that would allow editing ones  
text before sending it to the bot?
I guess we could try with a website, but don't know off hand how to do  
that, either, although I've seen beautiful webservers made in Haskell...

Torsten Otto

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