[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: haskell-mode 2.6

Roel van Dijk vandijk.roel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 08:41:27 EST 2009

I also thought of some font-lock symbols you could consider adding to

;; Nice bottom symbol
(cons "undefined" (decode-char 'ucs #X22A5))

;; Small case pi symbol
(cons "pi" (decode-char 'ucs #X3C0))

;; This one is less serious
(cons "unsafePerformIO" (decode-char 'ucs #X2620))

I don't know if the predicate in the list of font-lock symbols can
express this condition, but it would be nice to be able to replace 'a'
and 'b' in types with lowercase alpha (U003B1) and beta (U003B1)
symbols. But only in the context of a type.


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