[Haskell-cafe] hackage is down.

??????? ?????? me at rkit.pp.ru
Sun Nov 1 20:53:11 EST 2009

After some discussion in haskell at conference.jabber.ru, I've got this ideas:

+ Distributed hackage is DHT network.

+ Everything is PGP-signed.

+ Everyone can push package into network, everyone can rate package
(malicious / SPAM / unstable / stable / etc).

+ User maintains list of trusted people's open keys, in order to
validate authenticity and see trusted ratings.

Additional features:

+ Load balancing.

+ Ability to work through HTTP, trusted LAN peers, etc.

Sorry for my terrible English.

> Cool, is this the beginning of distributed Hackage? Still needs 
> support in 'cabal-install'.

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